Fantasy Hockey Preview – Gambles

  • July 27, 2020

As you evaluate your draft list for the up coming season, pay special visit to numerous players who carry a small high risk, high-reward aspect. While you never want to necessarily stay away from drafting them, you certainly want to Best sports betting malaysia the number of these guys that wind up in your own roster. It’s OK to roll the dice Marian Gaborik in round 3, provided that your first 2 picks weren’t equally risky. Do not scatter over 1 or 2 of the players in through the early rounds.


Marian Gaborik – Gaborik is the meaning of a gamble player. Could be worth a first round pick, could possibly be well worth passing altogether. Chances are he is due for a wonderful season. Might even decode 50 aims for the first time.

Simon Gagne – Gagne seems to be fully recovered from his concussion problems, but those activities have a means of returning back. Notably for Flyers forwards. When he stays injury free, he’s an objective scoring system onto an extremely talented Flyers roster. Gagne could easily return for being a 40 goal person in 09.

Martin Havlat – Minnesota substituted one talented, injury prone forward with the other. Havlat is very likely to be passed over by many GM’s, but he is worth consideration early on. He will provide you a spot a match. It’s only a matter of how many games which is likely to soon be. He is the only offensive threat in Minnesota this season, therefore he may not deliver too.

Olli Jokinen – Jokinen is as unpredictable as they emerge, however if goal-scoring is some thing that you like on your roster, he is still worth a mid-round pick. Despite a major dip in points the previous two seasons, he is averaging over 30 goals a season. A full season in Calgary could settle back him to some 70-80 point pace. Do not blow off him just yet.

After much promise and fanfare in his first two seasons, then he slipped back to 66 points. LA still has never demonstrated that they’re worthy of dream respect, so it’s hard to get too excited. Then again, you shouldn’t be shocked when he arrives storming and tops 80 points this past year.

Vincent Lecavalier – For some guy using his reputation, his point totals over his livelihood are extremely inconsistent. You may well be creating a premier 5 scorer, or you can well be wasting a precious ancient selection on a 60 point scorer. I say he’s well worth the risk. Do not be surprised to see top 90 points in 2009.


Together with Bouwmeester leaving the town, the show belongs to McCabe. He could rocket straight back up the leader board in’09. Then again, we could see him slip out of sight once again. Require the chance.

Scott Niedermayer – Much like Lidstrom, this superstar has peaked and is about to start out to see a decline in their own production. It should be a slow fall, and thus do not write him off yet. But do not bank on him coming 60 points again in his career.

Joni Pitkanen – Pitkanen exhibits flashes of brilliance one match, subsequently disappears the next. He’s got the potential to climb to a top ten defensemen in the league. He’s equally likely not get hammered. Significant style risk/reward. We say go for it this season. He seems comfortable in Carolina, and ought to net at least 40 points this season.

Whilst the Islanders young forwards start to enter in their own, expect Streit to settle back into the defense position regular. Expect his numbers to slide a piece when this happens. Still, Streit might be good to get 50 or so things in the upcoming season.


Ray Emery – It’s not possible to understand what to expect from Emery this particular year. He did well statistically in his final NHL season, however that is not exactly what concerns GMs. Philly is strong and getting better, so whoever gets the #1 job for the Flyers is worth the pick. Problem is, there has never been an undisputed number 1 goalie in Philly to get a couple of years. Why not Emery?

Marc-Andre Fleury – Amazing potential and skill. Amazingly inconsistent. The Penguins haven’t been built to favor good goalie stats, but Fleury has suspended in there anyway. Do not get too worked up about his playoff performance. He still has to face a few breakaways every night in the normal season.

Jaroslav Halak – Halak was the higher goalie at Montreal this past season, but Price is going to be awarded the occupation to reduce again come collapse. None the less, Halak could potentially claim the occupation if Price struggles. For now, do not get too worked up about him come draft time.

Can he be the all-star, Hall-of-Fame goalie of the playoffs, along with perhaps the guy who must split time with an alternative backup every single season. He hasn’t played 46 games in the last five seasons, so don’t rely as your #1.

Carey Price – Price can be a great goalie, despite the tragedy of 2009. However, Montreal is not just a great team. Until this mess will get straightened out, do not rush in to re Price. Take a chance on him late in the draft if he’s available; otherwise, stick to something a little more powerful.


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